The Role and Mission of the Staffed Residential Facility 

Our mission is to maintain a safe, nurturing, structured youth staffed residential facility that meets the specialized needs of youth placed under DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL & HEALTH SERVICES CHILDREN'S ADMINISTRATION BRS (Behavioral Rehabilitation Services) contract.

The Behavior Rehabilitation Services (BRS) is a temporary intensive wraparound support and treatment program for youth with extreme, high-level service needs used to safely stabilize youth and assist in achieving a permanent plan or a less intensive service. These services can be provided in an array of settings and are intended to safely:

  • Keep and/or return the youth to their own homes with wraparound supports to the family
  • Reunify or achieve alternative permanency more quickly
  • Increase family based care by using a wraparound approach
  • Reduce length of service by transitioning to a permanent resource or less intensive service

Our job is to assist in reducing the youth’s negative behavior patterns, increase school participation, increase community awareness, locate long-term placement and increase the youth’s overall potential to reach permanency.

Another emphasis of the Mullen-Polk Foundation Child Placing Agency is to develop necessary supports which would allow the youth to maintain or develop a permanent family connection and to reside in his/her own community in an identified permanent resource.


Our vision is to empower our youth to live as independently as possible, through promoting self-advocacy and developing supportive social networks at home, in the community.